Retail Banking Masterclass

Retail Banking Masterclass


The world of retail banking is undergoing significant change these days which means banks are having to constantly transform in order to survive successfully in this new world order.

Pressure is coming from all directions creating numerous challenges – whether it be technology advancements, Open Banking, changing customer expectations, new competition (bank and non-bank), distribution challenges from an omni-channel environment, opportunities presented by Big Data and the new analytical opportunities. Hence, making the right choices for future survival is more important than ever.

This programme highlights the challenges and trends, sets out the “new normal”, shares best practice from industry leaders and shows attendees just how to make a difference that will deliver enhanced performance for the bank in this digital age.

Changes seem never ending:

  • The hyper-adoption of digital tools to enhance customers lives and the required transformation to meet these new demands
  • New competition from new bank players, non-banks and Fintechs – how to work in partnership for mutual benefit
  • Open Banking –“ the Uber moment for banks?”
  • Margin pressures and cost constraints – new approaches to resource allocation to maximise ROI
  • Impact from the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft as well as other social media giants especially from the “East”
  • The impact of “Big Data” and the associated demand for more personalisation from customers – the new ”oil” and how to extract value
  • Distribution challenges in a digital world – Branches? No branches? Self-service? Automated locations? Mobile? Third party arrangements?
  • Move from transaction orientation to advice / guidance and the associated impact on future skills requirements – driving higher sales at lower cost with better service delivery
  • Reduced customer loyalty / more demanding customers – how to drive a new approach
  • Increasing regulation and compliance challenges
  • Need to consider future skills required for success

All these issues mean the world of retail banking is exceptionally challenging at present and this means banks need guidance and support to tackle these challenges to ensure future growth and success for stakeholders, customers and staff

Understanding what customers want and responding pro-actively presents banks with a growth opportunity providing they have created the appropriate culture to deliver performance excellence through understanding the experience required by customers

This programme will offer attendees a unique opportunity to learn how to address these issues enabling them to deliver above average performance against their key competitors


  • Banking is changing rapidly due to the issues highlighted above such as the drive to digital; distribution challenges; margin compression; increased competition and especially the changing demands of customers. This 3 day programme will address these challenges and share trends across the global banking sector as well as from the non-banking sector for best practice learning in the digital world
  • Banks are often seen by customers as being broadly the same – offering similar products with similar prices with similar processes in similar locations – the products have become commodity offerings with little or no perceived value differentiation between banks in the eyes of customers – things need to change – this programme will equip attendees with “how to transform”
  • Many banks fail to please their customers, grow their revenue, reduce cost and drive shareholder value – this programme will share with attendees what the leaders are doing and show how they can be followed
  • Transformation is never easy but get it right and the opportunities for growth are endless – this programme will explain how
  • Banks need to take learning from other sector companies that their customers interact with on a regular basis – this programme will share best practice in other industries and help attendees to transfer that knowledge and approach into their own day to day work
  • These significant changes are placing major pressures on banks too, on the one hand grow revenue but at the same time reduce costs to deliver profitable growth and seek to grow the banks share of the customer’s wallet. The programme will help explain the required focus
  • The programme will draw upon experience from banks around the globe drawing upon the course directors extensive global experiences
  • The programme is about practical learning and examples, not theory, it is about helping attendees take away real actionable ideas, innovations and plans that will improve their own personal performance, increase shareholder value and increase customer advocacy and loyalty


  • Heads/Senior Professionals in Retail Banking & Digital Banking
  • Heads/Senior Professionals in Marketing
  • Strategy planning professionals
  • Customer experience and transformation professionals
  • Distribution professionals
  • Branch/Zonal/Area managers
  • Sales professionals
  • Heads of Business Units
  • HR and training professionals
  • Operation Professionals
  • Promising young leaders of the future



Session 1 – The Challenges / Market Insights

  • Latest trends in banking globally – what it means for banking transformation requirements.
  • Understanding the full impact of the extensive technological, behavioural and cultural changes across the industry.
  • Learning from the aspect of people, premises, product and promotion perspectives where transformation will have greatest performance impact.
  • Gain insight and understanding of what the market leaders are achieving in terms of greater customer centricity, cost efficiency that is leading to positive differentiation.
  • New technology innovations – what will they add to both business complexity and business performance. Issues include Artificial Intelligence/ Block Chain etc.

The session will share key recent retail banking research findings.

Session 2 – Priorities

  • Transformation is the new normal but there needs to be prioritisation – where should the focus be directed.
  • Understand current priorities required to deliver enhanced customer experience that delivers improved performance.
  • Understand where leaders are focusing their efforts to be the best in international markets.
  • Appreciate how to balance so many conflicting challenges to focus on those that will deliver the best return.
  • What do changes/ impacts mean for customers, costs, profits, revenues, marketing, staff and shareholders.
  • Learning from non-banks – how do they deal with the growing multiplicity of channels and product offerings – what can banks learn from them.
  • Multichannel/Omnichannel – managing for both customer benefit and increased performance.
  • Priorities in future distribution choices – what are the options.
  • Deciding on which new technologies should be priorities and why.

Sharing of learning from successful multichannel operators.

Session 3 – Distribution – Traditional and Digital Options for the Future

  • Future distribution alternatives – what are they – what are the costs – how do you decide
  • Managing distribution – how do you improve sales in a multi-channel world?
  • Distribution – how can you improve profitable through improved customer centricity?
  • Does the approach vary by channel of distribution.
  • What is the role of customer segmentation in delivering profitability.
  • Matching customer to channels – getting the balance right
  • How can the choreography of the team influence the bottom line performance
  • What is the distribution future – mobile banking, internet, branches? Just how do you choose?
  • What does the drive to digital mean for banks
  • Does branch design influence performance
  • The changing role requirements of employees of the future
  • Cultural requirements to deliver front line excellence

Session 4 – Revenue Growth

  • Understanding “the revenue wall” and how the customer drives the results
  • Where is the revenue opportunity – are you taping into it?
  • How to differentiate your bank from the competitors
  • What do the best do to maximise income?
  • Use of data in delivering above average results
  • Achieving higher share of wallet performance
  • Where should you place your focus and money for maximum return
  • Managing change and innovation
  • Product/Customer innovation and development

Examples of banks that deliver higher revenues from their differential approach to customers


Session 5 – Customer Experience

  • What does experience mean to customer – how can it be measured
  • What is so special about service – why not just focus on sales to deliver results
  • What is the value of investing in service?
  • How should you measure it for profit?
  • Why do banks fail so often to deliver the experience customer require?
  • Who are the leaders and why?
  • What can you do to become a leader?
  • What are the elements required for success?
  • Reward systems for customer experience excellence delivery
  • Examples of leaders who deliver excellence
  • Delivering increased loyalty at lower costs and higher value – how it can be achieved
  • Learning from other industries and how it can be applied to the banking sector
  • The role of measuring “ease of use”
  • Design thinking to deliver digital excellence
  • What difference, if any, is there across the multi-channel options

Session 6 – People

  • Culture comes from the people – just how do you create the desired culture across the business
  • The role of leaders – what are the required leadership behaviours that create a differentiated offering to customers
  • Power of people in the delivery of results – some real life examples of what works
  • Power of the front line – how can you maximise results
  • Building powerful relationships that mean customers want to buy products from the bank
  • Recruitment, training and development – what methods work for the best
  • What can be learnt from non-banks
  • Leadership – how it can make a real difference

This session will share practical examples of the winners in managing people

Session 7 – Marketing and Communication

  • Using customer insights to be one step ahead of the competition
  • The current and future issues around use of data to create a more personalised experience
  • Why marketing needs to change to be successful in the future
  • What are the future ROI requirements
  • Understanding how customers buy from you
  • How can you influence their behaviour to enhance sales
  • Identifying and removing barriers to purchase
  • Product benefits not features – where can you learn from the best
  • Products in the future – a different offering is required
  • Delivering loyalty
  • How to develop high levels of retention and advocacy
  • Innovations in communications
  • Co-branding – a good idea?
  • Impact of Twitter, Facebook, Mobiles and Social Media on customer views of the bank
  • Analytics and Big Data – how to maximise opportunities from structured and unstructured data – use of analytical tools to aid future performance

Session 8 – Transformation

  • Creating the strategy for the future – what are the key elements
  • Clarity of the direction/ being able to articulate a clear story for all
  • Commitment and role modelling of senior management
  • Ownership/ responsibility for project delivery
  • Communication – detail/regularity/audiences


Customer Experience Store Tour Day – The Day Focuses on 3 areas

  • The “experience” delivered/received
  • The “customer journey”
  • Creating the desired “brand” experience


An opportunity to experience first- hand leading retailers and benchmark performance against the banking industry

The store tour day will give attendees an in depth insight into what truly makes a difference in the delivery of “excellence in customer experience”. It will show how that “experience” can make a real difference to a banks bottom line.

It is designed primarily for retail bankers who understand the current revenue growth challenges and want to find ways of delivering sustainable improvements However suppliers to the banking industry have found the event of great value as well – giving them the insights as to what the challenges are facing banks today

In addition measurement of loyalty/ advocacy will be discussed during the event along with sharing of best practice success stories

As an example – The London tour starts with a briefing and then benchmarks retail experiences with those of retail banks in Central London. The day seeks to show how the best of retailing through empowered people can be adapted for use in retail banks. Shared experiences of other outstanding service delivers will also be discussed

Post the walking tour visits the findings are reviewed against the initial criteria and learning points are then consider for implementation in the future

Stores to be Visited (Subject to Change)

  • Banks – Local banks and International Banks
  • Non-Banks – Leading Non-banks

End of Programme

To find out more about the course director please fill in a brochure request.

The venue of the training is always in a centrally located 4-5 star hotel. The venue is confirmed 2 weeks before the programme once registration is closed and we know the exact number of delegates attending. We have exclusive rates with the hotel, if you require accommodation during the programme.

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