Mobile Banking Masterclass

Mobile Banking Masterclass


Mobility is so much more than just developing a banking app for the mobile phone. It involves all the related services that could be provided to customers to enhance the user experience and value proposition.

This training session is a 3-day ‘deep-dive’ into the latest developments in Mobile Banking, with recent case studies & examples from relevant markets, & draws on real world experiences, with valuable insights from an experienced Mobile expert, & Former Head of Mobile Banking from a Global Bank, on how to prepare for the opportunities & threats ahead.

Across the world, Mobile Banking is now the preferred way customers engage with service providers, from Banking, to Insurance to accessing Government Services, customers can authenticate their identity & open new accounts, sign up for services, pay bills, take out loans, & deposit checks by photographing them, all from their mobile devices.


This course has a focus on group breakout sessions where attendees will work to develop solutions to real world scenarios and problems.

  • Work on practical case studies that explore the lessons learnt from industry leaders.
  • Explore and understand how to utilise the latest deployments and trends in mobile technology and implement continuous improvement activities.
  • Evaluate what the future holds for the next generation of mobile innovation.
  • Learn how to research, design and implement the right mix of mobile services for your customers and what can learned from non-banks & Fintech Firms.
  • Learn how to utilize Data Analytics, Big Data & AI to better understand and serve your mobile customer.
  • Learn how to change the company culture & train and incentivise employees for the mobile world.


  • Heads of Mobile Banking and other senior professionals related to Mobile Banking
  • Heads of Digital Banking and related senior professionals
  • Heads of Marketing and related senior professionals
  • Heads of Product Development and related senior professionals
  • Heads of Product/Heads of Business Insigiht/Customer Experience
  • Heads of IT and Heads of Strategy and other related senior professionals
  • Heads of Compliance and related senior professionals
  • Departmental Heads, Managing Directors, Directors, Senior Managers and other professionals based at retail banks, building societies and central banks.


Session 1 – The Current State of Mobile Banking. Where is the Market Heading?

  • What do we mean when we talk about Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments, Mobile Money and Mobile Commerce in 2018?
  • The evolution of Mobile, Customer Evolution and the Customer Adoption Curve
  • The global trends impacting mobile banking including Demographics, Social Media, Instant-Messaging, Payments, Blockchain, Fintech Firms, and ‘FAMGA’ (Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon)

Session 2 – Building The Mobile Banking Roadmap

Identifying the key trends driving your customers mobile experience, and building the roadmap for your mobile banking product or service

  • Gathering Insights and making actionable decisions based on customer, staff and market insight
  • Who is influencing your customers?
  • Understanding consumer trends and trend-setters and what to look for outside of banking for answers

Session 3 – Customer Journey & Mobile

The mobile customer journey, millenials and how to achieve excellence in the mobile experience

  • Millennials, Banking and Mobility
  • Who will profit from this investment in innovation?
  • How to leverage the innovation horsepower of Fintech
  • Case studies including imaginBank – the first Bank application On Facebook, Quick Credit Mobile Application provider and Distribution & Marketing Innovations from banks around the world

Session 4 – Mobile Only Banks & Innovation

The challenge from mobile only banks. What are the benefits of building a mobile only brand and case studies including Atom Bank, Starling Bank, DBS Bank and Banco Original – the worlds first API bank for smart-gadgets

  • Mobile Only banks – Best practices and strategies using examples of successful Mobile Only banks in Europe, Asia & Australia
  • The value of Mobile Real Estate
  • Embracing so-called “open banking”


Session 5 – Designing For The Mobile Banking Customer Experience

How to start with the Customer Experience. Using customer journey mapping tools to create useful customer-centric mobile products and services

  • How to deliver to customer expectations
  • What is the mobile customer journey?
  • What do customers really want and the mobile customer value proposition
  • How chatbots have been used to enhance customer experience. Case Study – KBC Bank – How the K’Ching App helped improve their ChatBot solution whilst engaging a younger audience.

Session 6 – UI, UX & Designing Great Mobile Experiences

Revealing the factors that are driving customer experience and how to integrate these drivers into
mobile design, using the latest in Design Thinking experience

  • How to design and build great customer experiences
  • Integrating design thinking into the customer experience design phase
  • Rethinking Segmentation and segments for mobile customers

Session 7 – Mobile Payments/Wallets

How to compete with Non-banks and Fintech firms in Mobile Payments/Wallets

  • Bank-led versus Non-Bank Wallets. Why the Bank-led model wins every time
  • Why Fintech’s and Mobile wallet partnerships are important
  • What lessons can banks learn from mobile networks?
  • Bank and Mobile wallet partnership. Case study – Telefonica Deutschland

Session 8 – Banking & Social Media Case Study

Using social media and social media marketing to drive Mobile adoptions

  • How to excel at Social Media Customer Service
  • How to use Social media data to enrich customer interaction

Session 9 – Data Analytics, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing the power and role of Data Analytics, Big Data & AI to better understand and serve your mobile customer

  • How to use Data to drive profitable mobile customer conversations
  • Making Banking joyful using data analytics – A case study
  • How banks can create a competitive advantage in Data & Analytics to combat Fintech Firms
  • Practical applications of using data and analytics in Banking
  • How AI can be used to drive new and innovative customer experiences. Case Study – DBS & Kasisto – The world’s most mature deployment of conversational AI in a Bank


Session 10 – Launch Strategies – Big Bang or Beta. Which is Best?

Launching your mobile banking service – The path to commercialisation and driving user growth
and uptake

  • Which Launch Strategies work best for your mobile application and why
  • How to use Social Media to grow customer traction use and takeup
  • Marketing approach: how to get maximum engagement and advocacy

Session 11 – Designing for Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement, refining and growing your mobile product over time

  • Designing for continuous improvement in Mobile
  • How to use Real-time behavioural analytics to improve and refine your product
  • How to monitor and moderate customer behaviour to predict and manage fraud
  • How to build and retain trust in mobile & safeguard customers interests
  • How to manage by Metrics and use Intelligence and Analytics to best effect

Session 12 – Making Change Happen Through People

In this session we will look at people and structures. What skills are required for the future? How to successfully change the company culture? and how to create incentive schemes for staff in the mobile world

  • What skills are required for the future?
  • Human versus automated
  • Culture change requirements – How to create incentive schemes for staff in the mobile world and how to create the right culture, organisation and leadership to ensure mobile success
  • Reward and recognition changes

End of Programme

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The venue of the training is always in a centrally located 4-5 star hotel. The venue is confirmed 2 weeks before the programme once registration is closed and we know the exact number of delegates attending. We have exclusive rates with the hotel, if you require accommodation during the programme.

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