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SINGFIN awarded World’s Best Banking and Finance Training Provider 2020

SINGFIN is honoured to announce that today we have been awarded The World’s Best Banking and Finance Training Provider 2020 at The Business Excellence Awards conducted by Acquisition International. Please find the press release below:

Founded in 2014, SINGFIN is a leading provider of innovative training and learning solutions for the banking and finance industry. Following their success in the Business Excellence Awards 2020, we got in touch with Steve Singh, Founder & CEO, to find out more.

Based in Hong Kong, SINGFIN focus on delivering world class trainings, cutting-edge reports and publications for the banking industry. To start, Steve offers more insight into the firm’s specialisms and its client base.

“Typically, we aim to provide innovative solutions for clients in Retail & Digital Banking, Trade Finance, Treasury & ALM, Risk Management and Leadership amongst others. With clients across the globe including Barclays, Qatar National Bank, Ecobank and Maybank to name but a few. In such a short space of time, we have managed to work with some of the most respected names in the banking world today. As a world leader in digital banking, our courses have been attended by financial institutions from over 54 countries and across four continents.”

As a provider of training for the banking and finance industry, SINGFIN carefully select their trainers to ensure they fit into a very strict criteria as Steve goes on to explain. “Every trainer must have at least 25 years of experience in the related field they are teaching and do not simply lecture during the training, but also promote class engagement through case studies, presentations and thought-provoking Q & A sessions.”

“Ultimately, we can aid you to encourage change and increase productivity within your organisation by enhancing the skillset of your employees to better face the challenges today and those that will occur tomorrow. By working closely with our clients their success story also becomes our own.”

The training provided by SINGFIN is delivered via public courses in global locations such as London, Dubai, Singapore and Johannesburg. SINGFIN also conducts courses in-house, and as Steve goes on to explain this carries a number of advantages which companies can benefit from. “Our in-house training courses are designed to fit our clients’ needs and be conducted at their workplace, so it’s very convenient and with minimum travel involved the costs per delegate are significantly lowered.”

Since forming, SINGFIN pride themselves on five key values which have been key to establishing themselves in the industry. As Steve points out without their employees taking these values on board, the firm wouldn’t be the recognised name they are today. “As a training provider, we aim to deliver quality training, whilst demanding our employees demonstrate integrity, responsibility and respect at all times. With these key values in place, achieving customer satisfaction becomes that much easier.”

Finally, Steve comments on the future of the firm and the plans in place to ensure SINGFIN remain the global leader in banking and finance training. “Upon founding SINGFIN, we set out to make sure the firms and professionals working with us today are learning, so that they can better lead tomorrow. Six years on, we have more than achieved our goals, helping to make a difference to our clients, the banking industry and ultimately consumers with our training courses.”


A link to the press release announcement from Acquisition International can be visited here