CRO Leadership Programme

CRO Leadership Programme


The role of the CRO in modern financial institutions continues to evolve, reflecting the increasing demands from policy makers, regulators, investors and shareholders, boards and the community for stronger risk management oversight and improved governance. Coupled with rapid changes in the industry landscape from structural industry changes, new technologies and societal changes, the challenges for CROs are ever increasing.

This course is designed to help attendees understand the essentials of undertaking the role of a CRO in this environment. The course focuses on the dual role of the CRO – firstly as CEO of the risk management business unit and secondly in having overarching responsibility for ensuring sound governance, regulatory compliance and the management of risks across the organisation.

The course provides key learning for CROs in the management of risk in complex financial institutions. The course covers the latest tools and techniques in helping a CRO shape an efficient, responsible and effective risk function. The course will encompass organisational design and effective management of the risk function. It will also look at key requirements to ensure effective management and reporting of risks to business units, executives and risk committees and boards of directors.


This interactive risk leadership programme taught by a former Chief Risk Officer aims to take participants through the strategic thought process of how regulatory reforms and expectations can be turned into competitive advantage, and achieve greater agility for their banks. This course aims to teach the following:

  • Learn how to build, develop and shape a risk management function that is both a valued business partner and key strategic asset of an institution
  • Understand the key requirements for the sound oversight of enterprise risks across modern, complex financial institutions
  • Learn how to provide organisational leadership in regulatory matters and assist business units to manage the regulatory change agenda, whilst enabling the implementation of new business strategies and initiatives
  • Gain insights into the latest thinking and approaches to identifying, assessing and managing key non-financial risks including data privacy, cyber security and third party risks
  • Understanding the opportunities presenting themselves to CROs with new and emerging technologies to transform the risk function into an efficient and high performing unit empowered to meeting the expectations of customers and business partners
  • Learn how the modern CRO can influence the organisation in the areas of conduct, risk culture and ethics in response to increasing board, regulator, investor and community focus in these areas


A team comprising delegates with complementary or aligned functions in risk management, compliance, and business will find this programme very beneficial.

  • Chief Risk Officers and Senior Risk Professionals
  • Chief Financial Officers and Senior Finance Professionals
  • Heads of Operational and/or Enterprise Risk Management
  • Heads of Internal Audit and/or Assurance functions
  • Heads of Strategic Planing and Senior Strategic Planning Professionals
  • Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs Professionals
  • General Managers Seeking to Understand Risk Management
  • Audit, Risk and Finance Personnel from Professional Services firms
  • Promising Young Executives who are being Fast Tracked to Leadership Positions


Session 1 – The Changing Financial Services Industry Landscape

  • Post GFC driven industry changes
  • Basel II, Basel III and beyond
  • Disruption, digital transformation and new business models
  • Changing industry economics
  • New and emerging technologies

Session 2 – The CRO’s role as the CEO of the Risk Management Business Unit

  • The evolving role of the CRO
  • Organisation structure – design and implementation
  • Developing and implement a strategic plan for the risk management business unit
  • Improving operational efficiency and effectiveness

Workshop – Participants will identify the key elements of a strategic plan for a risk management business unit

Session 3 – Risk Appetite and Sound Risk Governance

  • The strategic role of the CRO
  • Roles and responsibilities of the board, management and the risk management function
  • Implementing a risk appetite framework and establishing risk appetite
  • Business strategies, risk appetite and KRIs
  • Stress Testing and ICAAP

Session 4 – The Role of the CRO in the Management of Regulatory Relationships

  • Fostering positive relationships with regulatory bodies
  • Working with the Board and Board Risk Committee, CEO and other internal stakeholders
  • Design and implementation of effective frameworks to manage regulatory risk
  • Assisting and managing the regulatory change agenda
  • Effective reporting and escalation of regulatory matters

Case Study – Participants will review a recent regulatory case study



Session 5– Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Operational Risk

  • Understanding the difference between ERM and Operational Risk
  • Implementing an ERM framework
  • Effective management of operational risks
  • Embedding an ERM culture across the organisation

Session 6 – Compliance, Audit and the Three Lines of Defence

  • Latest developments in the compliance, audit and the three lines of defence
  • Risk Management roles and responsibilities across the first, second and third lines in risk management
  • Developing and implementing sound compliance frameworks
  • Fostering first line ownership of business risks

Case Study – Participants will review the risk governance and assurance frameworks of different banks

Session 7 – Risk Culture and Ethics

  • The role of the CRO in assisting shape and embed a positive risk culture
  • Risk culture and ethics
  • Measuring and reporting risk culture

Case Study – Participants will review and discuss a recent case study in risk culture and ethics

Session 8 – CRO reporting: Financial and Non-Financial Risks

  • Latest tools and techniques in the reporting of financial and non-financial risks
  • Incorporating non-financial risks reporting into management and board reporting
  • New and emerging risk reporting categories: conduct and culture, remuneration polices and outcomes, and climate change risks
  • Data analytics



Session 9 – Non-Financial Risks – Identification, Assessment and Management

  • The changing non-financial risks landscape
  • Identification, assessment and management of non-financial risks
  • Data privacy, information security and cyber security risks
  • IT, project and third-party risks
  • Other emerging risks including reputation risk

Case Study – Participants will review and discuss a recent AML/CTF case study

Session 10 – Identification and Management of Emerging & Strategic Risks

  • Emerging & strategic risk reporting and discussion in the boardroom
  • Fostering awareness of emerging and strategic risks
  • Embedding strategic business risks assessments into business and investment planning
  • Scenario planning

Session 11 – Risk Management in the Digital Age

  • Digital transformation and the risk management function
  • The adoption of new and emerging technologies by the risk management function
  • Identifying and partnering with Fintech and RegTech firms
  • New skills and expertise requirements for risk managers

Work Shop – Participants will review and discuss the digital strategies of different financial institutions

Session 12 – Summary and Wrap Up

  • Summary and key take aways
  • Q & A session

End of Programme

The course director was a former CRO at a prestigious bank. For a detailed profile of the course director, please fill in a brochure request.

The venue of the training is always in a centrally located 4-5 star hotel. The venue is confirmed 2 weeks before the programme once registration is closed and we know the exact number of delegates attending. We have exclusive rates with the hotel, if you require accommodation during the programme.

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