Mobile Banking Masterclass
June 25th-27th 2018
October 15th-17th 2018

Course Overview

Mobility is so much more than just developing a banking app for the mobile phone. It involves all the related services that could be provided to customers to enhance the user experience and value proposition.
This training session is a 3-day ‘deep-dive’ into the latest developments in Mobile Banking, with recent case studies & examples from relevant markets, & draws on real world experiences, with valuable insights from an experienced Mobile expert, & former Head of Mobile Banking from a Global Bank, on how to prepare for the opportunities & threats ahead.
Across the world, Mobile Banking is now the preferred way customers engage with service providers, from Banking, to Insurance to accessing Government Services, customers can authenticate their identity & open new accounts, sign up for services, pay bills, take out loans, & deposit checks by photographing them, all from their mobile devices.

What will you Learn?

This course has a focus on group breakout sessions where attendees will work to develop solutions to real world scenarios and problems.

  • Work on practical case studies that explore the lessons learnt from industry leaders.
  • Explore and understand how to utilise the latest deployments and trends in mobile technology and implement continuous improvement activities.
  • Evaluate what the future holds for the next generation of mobile innovation.
  • Learn how to research, design and implement the right mix of mobile services for your customers and what can learned from non-banks.
  • Evaluate what the future holds for the next generation of mobile innovation and review all the key areas involved to make your organisation mobile.

Who Should Attend?

  • Heads of Mobile Banking and other senior professionals related to Mobile Banking
  • Heads of Digital Banking and related senior professionals
  • Heads of Marketing and related senior professionals
  • Heads of Product Development and related senior professionals
  • Heads of Product/Heads of Business Insigiht/Customer Experience
  • Heads of IT and Heads of Strategy and other related senior professionals
  • Heads of Compliance and related senior professionals
  • Departmental Heads, Managing Directors, Directors, Senior Managers and other professionals based at retail banks, building societies and central banks.

Day 1- Mastering Mobile Innovation & Strategy

Session 1 – Introduction to Mobile Banking

What is Mobile Banking? Understanding the difference between, Mobile banking, Mobile Commerce & Mobile Payments

  • What do Customers Want? The impact of the ‘millennial generation’ on Mobile Banking & the future of mobile as the dominant retail-banking channel
  • Customer relationships and engagement preferences and its impact on retail distribution
  • Mobile-only banks; Who is getting it right? Case Studies from around the world
  • Session 2 – Group Discussion: What is new in Mobile Banking

    Delegate discussion on the latest innovations within their countries and what their banks are doing to compete with Banks/Fintech firms.

  • Interesting uses of mobile technology, a look at ‘bots, AI & Mobile, Biometrics iBeacon and Bluetooth
  • Emerging opportunities for Banks with new Mobile technologies
  • The opportunities with new technologies such as iBeacon and Bluetooth
  • Innovation and threats from non-bank Mobile offerings and payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Facebook & other non-bank competitors
  • Session 3 – Thinking outside the Mobile Banking ‘Walled Garden”

    Taking Mobile Beyond Cards, Accounts & Lending – cross-selling, upselling & Value Added Services

  • Creating ‘sticky’ Mobile Experiences using wallets, cards & payments
  • How to think like a Mobile Network Operator, Brand, Loyalty & Offering
  • Delegate discussion. What are the competitors are doing? Real-world examples and Case Studies from around the world
  • Session 4 – Starting the Journey: How to Make Actionable Decisions from Market Insights

    Gathering Momentum: Identifying the stakeholders and working with technical teams: Matching business and user needs with technical capabilities.

  • Collaborate, ‘in house’ or outsource?
  • Taking care of business
  • Key messages to communicate to the business
  • Aligning organization and stakeholder goals
  • Negotiations & Strategic Partnerships
    Group exercise: Should banks collaborate or build in-house or perhaps both. Should banks create innovation labs?

    Day 2- Mastering Mobile Banking Product Design & Delivery

    Session 5 – Mobile Customer Journey – What does my Customer Want?

    Delegate Discussion and Case Studies from Banks that deliver delightful customer experiences

  • Segments, Persona’s & customers
  • Keeping it simple the “8” Keys to ensuring your customer needs are met
  • Understanding customer psychology and selecting target markets
  • Customer value proposition
  • “Don’t Make me think”, and other key principles for product design
  • The 9 Principles of Mobile Banking Product Design
  • 3 clicks Principle for optimum usability
  • Converting early adopters to loyal Customers
    (Optional Stream)

  • Mobile Banking in Developed Markets
  • Mobile Banking in Emerging Markets
  • Session 6 – Apps, Web & User Experience


  • Native v HTML
  • Responsive or adaptive Apps
  • Devices, coverage & Experience
  • Tablets, Phones, Apps, Stores, etc.
  • Wi-Fi & GSM & User Experience
  • SMS, USSD & WAP – Why they are still relevant
  • Session 7 – How Mobile Networks Work & Why it is Important

    • The opportunities many banks are missing
    • Mobile & GSM networks – What mobile bankers need to know
    • What are the obstacles in collaborating with Mobile Networks & Fintechs? Regulations

    Session 8 – Mobile Banking Risk & Security


  • USSD, SMS, Messaging & second factor
  • Securing Financial Transactions over GSM Networks
  • Common Fraud Types & how to prevent them from the start
  • Case Studies in Mobile Banking Fraud from around the world
  • What marketing channels should be utilised in what circumstances
  • Examining tactics for delivering optimum take-up on mobile banking and payments services
  • Day 3- Mastering Mobile Banking Commercialization & Growth

    Session 9 – Launch Strategies: Big bang or Beta: Which Works Best and Why?


  • Supporting and responding to customers: call centre and app store monitoring
  • Develop your Marketing & Positioning Strategy
  • Building out Bank support services eg. Call Centers, Train staff
    Group exercise: Culture change requirements – How to create incentive schemes for staff in the digital world

    Session 10 – Managing & influencing Customer Conversations: Social Media Marketing, Strategies, & Tactics

    Understanding the different channels and types of social media, and the use, benefits and drawbacks of each

  • The Power of Social Networks
  • Integrating with Social Media Platforms
  • Identifying the tools & managing the process
  • Blogging, Content & Social Media
  • Building Brand/Product credibility
  • Social Media Life-cycles & managing negative reviews
  • Session 11 – Using Behavioral Analytics to Maximum Effect

    Managing by metrics & Designing for Continuous Improvement

  • Using Reporting & Analytics: Cranking up the levers
  • Setting Targets & Goals
  • Achieving Growth & Traction
  • Understanding the Key Metrics, what they mean & how to use them
  • How to use reporting using real-world examples
  • Customer Intelligence: Refining & Customizing your Mobile App
  • Creating Stickiness, Loyalty & Rewards
  • Session 12 – Staying Ahead of the Pack

    Final group discussion and Q & A Session & Individual Actions and plans for future success. Key takeaways.

  • Securing ongoing Resourcing & Funding
  • Keeping abreast of the market – Competitor and market risk
  • Ahead of the curve: up with the latest Technology
  • For a detailed profile of the course director please fill in a brochure request

    Number of DelegatesPrice per Delegate

    The above Early Bird rates are offered for a limited time. Please get in touch for more details.

    The venue of the training is always in a centrally located 4-5 star hotel. The venue is confirmed 2 weeks before the programme once registration is closed and we know the exact number of delegates attending. We have exclusive rates with the hotel, if you require accommodation during the programme.

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    The course was very interactive and engaging with real life examples and case studies not just from the banking sector. A must attend for any senior retail banker.