The Digital Banking Masterclass
July 23rd-25th 2018


Course Overview

In the world of retail banking where branches and face to face contact has been the norm for years, the impact of technological innnovations is huge. The future of expensive branch networks are now under severe scrutiny as technology is enabling customers to deal conveniently with their bank “at a distance.”


This technology explosion is impacting the day to day lives of individuals around the world enabling them to create social interactions with anyone owning a mobile device hence the need for traditional banking services is becoming redundant. New entrants whether digital banks, retailers or fintechs are defining a new vision for the bank of the future. Can existing players survive, can they compete and flourish against the new kids on the block?


How do banks develop revenue streams from these new channels? How do they balance the demands of different customer groups? What is the role of digital banking in customer acquisition, growth and retention?


Learning how to compete successfully in this exciting and dynamic environment is essential. This programme will bring together people from the Banking, Fintech and the new digital world and allow them to share their thoughts and insights on how they see the sector developing.


At the same time the programme will also focus on how existing players can compete successfully in this new world of banking.

What will you Learn?

  • Learn the latest trends/best practices and innovations in Banks and Fintech firms across the world and how they are shaping the future direction for retail banks.
  • The drive to digital. Learn how to compete successfully with Banks, Fintech firms and Non-Banks.
  • What role will branches play in the future? E-channels and the Drive to Digital.
  • What are new entrants offering to customers and how to compete with them.
  • What impact will digital have on usage/loyalty? How do you develop profitable growth from remote channels when you don’t see the customer face to face.
  • How to measure performance and train employees in the digital world and the importance of data analytics.


Who Should Attend?

  • Heads/Senior Professionals in Retail Banking
  • Heads/Senior Professionals in Mobile/Digital Banking
  • Heads/Senior Professionals in Product Development/Strategy
  • Customer Experience and Transformation Professionals
  • Senior Professionals within Fintech Firms
  • IT and Data Analytics Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Heads of Business Units
  • HR and Training Professionals
  • Operations Professionals
  • Promising Young Leaders of the Future

Day 1- Drivers of Fintech & Digital Innovation

Session 1

Overview – Introduce toolkit designed for Digital Professionals to reduce waste and get maximum value out of Digital Innovation Investment, using techniques borrowed from the world of startups, and venture capitalist investors.

  • Strategy – What to look for when formulating Innovation & priorities to the broader bank objectives
  • Purpose – Understanding why Innovation is important (Revenue/Competition/Market Share)
  • Risks & Challenges? – Evaluate the Benefits & Risks
  • Capability – How ready is the organizational environment, involving stakeholders.

Session 2

Overview – Review case studies in the real-world, and evaluate based on learnings in Session 1.

  • Technology innovations – what is happening around the globe? What impact is digital having on customer behaviours – in banking as well as other sectors?
  • Retail banking trends – what does current industry research reveal of major trends impacting future performance. Who are the best performers/innovators?
  • What are the most interesting and promising Fintech ideas today

Session 3

Overview – In this session we will look at building a business case for Innovation using case studies and best practices, as well as using real-world examples from delegates, using prepared material in a workshop environment.


Delegate discussion on the latest innovations within their countries and what their banks are doing to compete with Banks/Fintech firms

Revenue – Finance /Cost / Business Case

Competition – Evaluating & Measuring

  • What were my assumptions
  • Do they still stand up
  • Have they been tested
  • Risk & de-risking strategies

Session 4

In this session we will look at strategies for optimising, de-risking & streamlining Digital Innovation for the Enterprise to ensure the organization is ready to compete for future success.

  • How to leverage historical strengths
  • How to drive digital transformation
  • Making change happen


Day 2 – Mastering Customer Engagement & Change

Day 2 will focus on the customer journey, and how the convergence of financial and lifestyle services fused by digital technology will blur the boundaries between industries, product lines, and the actual providers of services.

Session 1

Why are FinTech’s a threat and how should banks respond?

  • Class Discussion: Fintech Firms – Should banks collaborate or build in-house or perhaps both.
  • Should banks create innovation labs?
  • What are the obstacles in collaborating with Fintech firms? Regulations, Getting Stakeholder buy-in, etc.

Session 2

  • Physical vs. Digital – delivering a seem-less experience. What is the future of branches?
  • The digital customer journey. How to achieve excellence in experience delivery
  • Rethinking the customer relationship to deliver value and meet customer needs

Session 3

Digitization in retail banking and the important implications for bankers – Part I

  • The impact of digital channels on branches? The importance of demographics – The older generation prefer branches but the younger generation does not. How to balance strategies.
  • Rethinking customer relationships
  • Dealing with security issues

Session 4

Digitization in retail banking and the important implications for bankers – Part II

  • How Nonbank digital entrants will transform the customer experience, reshaping payments and broader financial services landscape.
  • Smartphones as a channel, and rapidly evolving customer expectations
  • The changing payments landscape and the race to provide value to end users, alternative lending and challenger businesses (P2P Lending, Remittances, etc.)

Day 3 – Mastering People, Change & Influence

Session 1

In this session we will look at people and structures. What skills are required for the future? Culture change requirements and how to create incentive schemes for staff in the digital world

  • People and Structures:
    – What skills are required for the future?
    – Human versus automated
    – Culture change requirements – How to create incentive schemes for staff in the digital world
    – Reward and recognition changes

Session 2

Developing and building organisational capability

The role of leadership and building organizational capability. Leverage historical strengths, driving digital transformation & making change happen in Management, Communication, Leadership & marketing

Session 3

Keeping Innovation relevant in the business. This session looks at methods to identify efficiencies, synergies and gaps with a view to advising on how well the organisation(s) are progressing, identifying gaps and opportunities in the Digital Investment Portfolio, as well as concerns over the value of investment driven by external investment concerns – which investment to exit, rationalise or consolidate or close to create efficiencies for the customer

Session 4

  • Final group discussion and Q & A Session
  • Individual Actions and plans for future success. Key takeaways.

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Number of DelegatesPrice per Delegate Until December 31ST 2017


The venue of the training is always in a centrally located 4-5 star hotel. The venue is confirmed 2 weeks before the programme once registration is closed and we know the exact number of delegates attending. We have exclusive rates with the hotel, if you require accommodation during the programme.

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‘A great training, with each topic covered in great depth. The handouts and materials are excellent’